Client Solutions

We specialize in tailoring solutions to best fit our clients’ needs. We share our investment expertise, provide access to high-caliber investment managers and emphasize strong risk management.

Client Solutions

We specialize in tailoring solutions to best fit our clients’ needs. We share our investment expertise, provide access to high-caliber investment managers and emphasize strong risk management.

Spruceview provides clients with an exceptional depth of insight across all relevant asset classes.

Total enterprise management

For clients seeking a complete and holistic partnership, Spruceview manages clients’ entire investment portfolios.

Customized solutions for single or multiple asset classes

For clients seeking to augment their existing internal resources, we manage investments in one or more asset classes.

Bespoke Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) capabilities

For clients seeking to include either highly-specific or broad-based ESG principles in their investment program, Spruceview offers a full range of strategic ESG services.

Asset Class Expertise

Neetesh Kumar leads our private equity investment efforts. With over 25 years of private equity investment and business management experience, Neetesh builds and manages private equity and special situations portfolios based on each client’s risk appetite, time horizon and liquidity requirements.

Renee Kelly has over 25 years of institutional investment management and capital markets experience and is responsible for building and managing marketable alternatives and distressed credit portfolios for Spruceview clients.

With over 10 years of investment management and financial institution experience, Bryan Frackman is responsible for building and managing real asset-related portfolios for Spruceview clients.

Spruceview specializes in combining quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate premier managers’ capabilities, sustainability of investment performance, and appropriateness for each unique client. 

Client Segments

Endowments and foundations require a deep understanding of their entire enterprise, which is exactly what the Spruceview team provides. We partner with endowments and foundations to balance current needs and operational considerations with financial objectives designed to preserve intergenerational wealth and purchasing power. Our team has extensive experience growing assets, as well as a strong awareness of the liability drivers associated with endowment and foundations’ cash flow needs. Further, members of our team have managed alternatives portfolios at leading organizations around the country, including The Rockefeller Foundation and the Regents of the University of California.

Our CEO/Co-CIO and several partners previously served as the CIO and key members of the team that managed JPMorgan’s U.S. pension plan. At the time, the plan was one of the largest U.S. corporate defined benefit plans, with the highest funding ratio among plans with more than $5 billion in assets.* We understand pension plan clients’ unique challenges and are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that address them.

*Source: “Corporate pension funding status rises to highest level since 2007,” Pensions & Investments, April 28, 2014. A pension plan’s funding ratio is affected by many factors, including investment returns, company contributions and changes in benefit obligations. For additional information regarding the JPMorgan Chase & Co. US pension plan, please see Note 9 to the consolidated financial statements contained in JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2013. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Every family’s journey is unique. It takes expertise and experience to manage long term investment portfolios that are often built around low-basis stocks and concentrated, single name portfolio positions while providing annual income. Through family engagement we take a partnership approach performing a total enterprise analysis of your current portfolio incorporating your risk, liquidity, income, philanthropy, tax and other long term needs to build a tailored portfolio. We offer a fully transparent engagement process where family members are provided education as needed and involvement across a wide spectrum to meet their intergenerational needs.